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Many elders struggle with disability and severe chronic illness, and often have difficulty getting to the doctor’s office. As a result, their health status may suffer, and lead to unnecessary ER visits, hospitalization, or nursing home care. In 1999, recognizing these needs of frail elders and their families, we created the MedStar House Call program to provide medical and social services that help elders remain in their homes with dignity.

The MedStar House Call Program is nationally recognized for quality and outcomes of our care. We care for patients at home, and also provide state-of-the-art hospital and specialty care. Our inpatient team directly cares for House Call patients who need emergency or acute hospital care. Our social services link patients and families to community resources, support caregivers through monthly support groups and weekly meditation calls. In DC, our social workers also provide case management services to eligible patients in the Medicaid Elderly and Persons with Disability waiver program.

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Two caregivers share their personal stories in caring for their loved one and working with the MedStar House Call Program .

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