Our Team

Washington, D.C. Region Team


Eric De Jonge, MD
George Taler, MD
Stephanie Bruce, MD
Cesar Torres, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Robyn, Feely, CRNP
Nancy Sassa, CRNP
Michelle Sullivan, CRNP
Genet Taye, CRNP


Nadine Hailu, LPN

Social Workers

Gretchen Nordstrom, LICSW
Deanno Cho, LGSW
Kellie Jones, LGSW
Ruth Shea, LICSW

Operations Manager

Eboni Thompson

Care Coordinators

LaWanda Holeman
Sandra Mills
Carrie Carmon
Carla Ferguson

MTEC Baltimore team

Baltimore Region Team


Jen Hayashi, MD
Elise Worley, DO

Nurse Practitioner

Michael Kingan, CRNP


Sonja Stanton, RN

Social Worker

Marina Nellius, LGSW

Operations Manager

Shereen Greene

Care Coordinator

Kesha Smith

Operational Support

Executive Director

Eric De Jonge, MD

AVP Operations

Julie Beecher

Outcomes Analyst

Edwin Zhao

Baltimore Region

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Washington, D.C. Region

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